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Our Journey

Our manufacturing adventure began in 2017, born from a passion for creating a unique cookery experience. FusionBites was nurtured in the heart of Canada, 100% homegrown, and proudly owned and led by a majority of women entrepreneurs. FusionBites started with a spark, an idea to merge rich, diverse tastes from across the globe and blend them into a single, irresistible taste. We began by transforming simple, locally sourced ingredients into creative culinary masterpieces. These distinctive flavour fusions were more than just food; they were moments of joy, conversation starters, and bridges connecting cultures.

our core beliefs

At FusionBites, we have remained rooted in our principles: aiming to unite the world through diversity, creating an authentic culinary experience that connects people through a shared love of food, empowering women entrepreneurs, and championing Canadian entrepreneurship. We aim to redefine the culinary landscape by offering strategic consultations and innovative solutions for recipe development, supply chain management, and value-added food production. Join us as we embark on a global culinary journey, delivering a taste of the world and crafting a shared narrative, one flavour at a time.

Our services

At FusionBites, we're not just about creating fantastic food but providing services that make the journey to great taste effortless and enjoyable.

Recipe Development Consulting

Our team of skilled chefs and food scientists is at your disposal, ready to transform your recipes into commercially viable dishes.

Custom Production of Fresh and Frozen Foods

Whether you're looking for appetizers or entrées, our culinary team can create tailored food products that represent any ethnicity.

Restaurant Consulting

We go beyond the kitchen to offer strategic restaurant consultations. We assist in securing supply chains for raw materials and value-added food, helping you maintain consistent quality while optimizing costs.

Value Added Food

Our value-added food services offer the convenience of fully or partially prepared food products that save time in the kitchen without compromising taste or quality.

our Capabilities


We employ advanced culinary techniques with our highly experienced R&D team to carefully craft recipes with a delightful balance of flavors, delivering consistent and exceptional flavor.


Our frying methods perfectly balance crispiness and tenderness, using precise temperature control to minimize oil absorption and ensure a delicious final product.


Our Rapid Blast Chilling and Freezing technology preserves and lengthens the shelf life of the food, enabling restaurants to serve with the same quality as freshly prepared dishes.


Our semi-automated assembly and packing lines ensure and maintain the highest hygiene and quality control standards.


Normal sealing to vacuum sealed trays and bags, MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) packing up to 2.5 kg trays, pouches, cups, glass jars and bulk packing sauces in bags and pails.


Our forming technologies produce consistent shape and size products in various shapes such as long-shaped, disk- shaped, ball-shaped, and tear drop shaped.


Our company has oven technology to combine convection, steam, and broil functions. This technology provides our customers various cooking methods, including steam, baking, roast, and sous-vide.


We expertly blend and infuse our products with carefully crafted sauces, enhancing product flavor while providing a unique and gourmet experience.

Resilience in the face of Challenges

Our adaptability was tested when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020. But, just like the resilient spirit of Canada, we stood firm. Adapting to the new normal, we restructured our operations to ensure the safety and well-being of our team and customers. Our resilient spirit saw us through, and we emerged even stronger than before, our commitment to our customers unbroken.

Our Certifications

Supports Ontario

Federally Certified Ready-to-Eat Plant #908

Halal Monitoring Authority

GFSI-SQF Certified

Provincially Certified Ready-to-Eat Plant #6747


You can trust QSR & FusionBites to add value at every stage because we know our field and believe that We can only grow when you grow. We also believe that nothing is worth doing, if it isn’t done RIGHT and done BIG.

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