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Fusionbites does not sell, trade, or otherwise share it’s customer information with anyone else. The information we collect is strictly for the purpose of serving our customers, and is used only by Fusionbites.

Your information is governed by four general principles: it must be secure, it must be accurate, we seek your consent to collect it, and we will not use it beyond it’s intended purpose.

Consent and Scope of the Information We Collect:

In the conduct of our normal operations, we collect customer specific information so that we may carry out the contracted services of delivering food. This information generally includes: delivery details, payment methods, and any complaint particulars. The information is retained in our database to aid in delivery and order taking. By giving us the information, you consent to it’s use for these purposes. We only collect information which is relevant to the the mission of serving our customer.

Use and Disclosure:

The information you give will be used only for the purpose for which it was collected. For example, delivery information will only be used for delivering food. Contest entries will only be used for the purpose of that particular contest. We do not make cross-use of the information for marketing purposes.

Only fusionbites will have access to the information. We will have access to the information in the normal course of our duties.


Fusionbites takes precautions to keep the information secure; access to our servers is restricted, and we take strong measures to prevent intrusions (firewalls, etc). While we may adopt policies in an effort to advance security, acts of malice or deceit by individuals can victimize both fusionbsites and our customers. Therefore, our policies ought not to be viewed as a guarantee. This policy is not meant to replace the need for normal prudence by customers, especially in regards to credit card use.

Refunds :

In case of a late delivery of a prepaid order or in case if payment is debited but order not placed, you can log a complaint at (905) 554-7991. Once acknowledged, the amount will be refunded within 21 business days or next credit cycle, if paid via credit card.

Delivery Orders are subjected to

  • Your address falling in the defined delivery area of the nearest location
  • The delivery address being mapped to the nearest location that delivers in your area


In most cases, it is not possible to cancel your order once placed. The food will have been started almost immediately and will be en route to your doorstep.