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Our Management Team

President & CEO

Our President & CEO has serval years of experience in banqueting, menu development, back house management (BOH) and recipe development. She is highly skilled, resourceful, flexible, and motivated with enduring passion for cooking. She has extensive background designing and implementing North American, South Asian (including Pakistani, Indian and Chinese), Middle Eastern and European gastronomy into menu items in fast-paced, high-pressured environments. Exceptional performance working under pressure without compromising quality of entrees.

Our President & CEO is a Canadian of Pakistani origin and prior to moving to Canada she lived in the Middle East for several years. With her unmatched culinary skills, she had a vision to provide healthy food and a spot for leisure and relaxing for young millennials. To fulfil her vision, she started a small take-out restaurant named Fusionbites in Markham, Ontario as a test pilot in 2017. The project did very well, she tested her recipes and concept in the market successfully and attracted young millennials as her main customers. She is well known within the community because of her fine cooking and the free food she makes at least three to four times a year which serves over 2500 people annually. Her aim is to expand to the mainstream market and exports.

Global Vice President

Our Global Vice President supports CEO part-time taking care of marketing and brand building and development. He is currently a university student and expects to become full time once he graduates in 2021.

He brings a fresh perspective and new ideas, excitement, and passion for the opportunity. He brings in excellent skills and abilities to determine customer needs and recommend the best menu options for the targeted millennials; He has ability to analyze business environments for trends and opportunities. In addition, he has excellent communication abilities and teamwork skills. He is multilingual and can prove to be an asset to the organization, considering Fusionbites diverse customer base.

He is exceptionally good at working at large scale sales events in high traffic venues. He has particularly good Social Media skills. He has helped CEO in marketing Fusionbites concept over Social Media targeted towards the millennials. Fusionbites Social Media marketing campaign has been remarkably successful in attracting young millennials. Majority of the Fusionbites clients belong to the 18 to 24 years old age group, followed by the 25 to 34 years old and a few from 35 to 44 years.

Executive Chef

Though the recipe we serve are based on our family traditions, we still thought to employ a professional chef who could take our family food traditions forward adding value and bringing in new ideas and concepts.

We employ qualified and experience chefs. Our current Executive Chef is highly educated and qualified with over 35 years of experience working at a major 5-Star hotel chain in India; Emirates Flight Kitchen in Dubai, UAE, and Saudia Flight Kitchen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and many other renowned restaurant and hotel chains in Canada.

In addition to the Chef we have a team of culinary consultants who work with us on a regular basis.   

What inspired us?

Food is our passion! We saw an opportunity as we witness the changing eating habits of our children (recent immigrants) towards Westernized food as our generation blends into the Canadian way of life.

Therefore, we brought in the concept to Fusion East with West and viseversa .

How did we start?

We had a humble beginning as a small Pizza take-out in Markham, Ontario which was our Pilot.

About our Kitchen

We have moved away from restaurant style kitchen/cooking to commercial kitchen space. We have two facilities. Hygiene and Food Safety is one of our top priorities therefore at the first facility in addition to CFIA Safe Foods for Canadians Regulation (SFCR) License we are in process to get a third party SQF Certification. Our second facility is CFIA Federally Licensed meat production facility which can export meat products.  Our food has minimal human handling and touch (where possible) and packaged in Food Grade Oven and Microwave safe packaging.

Fan Favourites

Our pastas and BBQ items.

Our accomplishments

First to introduce food Fusion concept in Ontario. We were the first to introduce new and innovative truly Fusion of the East and West in Pizzas by introducing Bihari Kebab Pizza, Butter Chicken Pizza and Palak Paneer Pizza. 

Our innovation and creativity – In addition to Bihari Kebab, Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer Pizzas, Chicksplosion was our biggest innovation and creativity. And now plant-based beef Shami kebab. 


Butter Chicken Pizza

Palak Paneer Pizza

Bihari Kebab Pizza

Is there a dish we want to create?

We have quite a few projects we are working on, particularly High-Tea items. We want to bring “Ontario Made” traditional foods to your table.

Support Local

We have been approved to use “Made Ontario” and "Made in Canada" logos on our meals. We support Ontario farmers and businesses. In addition we are Halal Certified.

Any encouragement and positive thoughts to share with Community?

There is a famous saying which is quite relevant to the pandemic environment we live in toady, “Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.” Therefore, hang in there, stay safe and healthy! We will defeat the pandemic together!