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Why do we all choose South Asian cuisines?

Food is a necessity but eating an excellent food could give your spirit a free lift that could take you to places that you have never been to.  But why do people keep coming back to foods that are made from South Asia? Even way back from the era of travelling through big ships, the travellers would love to go back to Asia and it is all because of the spices and herbs that were mixed with the food. The spices you could taste could take you to another planet. Take your taste buds on a culinary Asian journey where you will find delicious dishes and outrageous meals in every country. From the spicy soups and creamy green curries of Thailand, to the more unusual deep fried spiders of Cambodia and snake in Vietnam.

Here are the popular specialty made by each country:

  1. Laos- Dishes in Laos and with that of north Thailand are nearly always served with sticky rice. The traditional way to eat it is to pick up a small handful in your right hand and roll it into a ball, which you will then dip into different sauces. Also worth a try is the delicious spicy green papaya salad, it is one of the most common street market foods in Laos.
  2. Indonesia-  this is a huge country with a wide diversity, and the food here has been greatly influenced by travellers from all over the world. Sumatra specializes in spicy Padang curries that are based on those from India, Persia and Arabia. Wherever you travel in Southeast Asia, you need to be adventurous and try everything especially ‘pot luck’ with a few dishes, the waiter is sure to use the deep phrase ‘same, same but different’ when describing your choices.
  3. Malaysia- rice and noodles are the main ingredients in Malaysia, it can be fried, steamed, and boiled into sweet and savory dishes usually accompanied by fresh fish. The complex flavors of Malay food have set it apart from similar dishes in Indonesia, which are simple but equally tasty. Many dishes, such as skewed meat and steamed vegetables are served with peanut sauce.
  4. Thailand- This country is a perfect haven for food lovers. If you want to put everything in your mouth, Bangkok is one of the cuisine capitals of the world, serving food from virtually every corner of the planet. The further you head south in Thailand, the spicier the food becomes. If you really want to try or even prevent something from eating distinctive and spicy, look for a kaeng tai plaa in which it contains fish innards, where it is considered as one of the main ingredients. 
  5. Vietnam- since it has been colonized by Chinese and French colonizers, they have adapted to the food it offers, the balance and the harmony combined greatly molded their food.  A delicious local noodle soup dish called Pho is usually served with beef or chicken, the most common food found in Hanoi and Saigon.

It is not written in the textbooks that Asian cuisines are the best foods but you need to try to know. And beware, eating this foods could let you forget your name.