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How do you adjust to European food?

Not all of us are a fan of European but you can never deny the fact that there is a possible chance that you can eat one of their foods. It is not as bad as what you are thinking, European has spices and herbs in every way you can imagine. It is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet but sour and salty all at the same time. Now, if you really do not know how to adjust, here are some tips on how to:

  1. The size. If you are from America, you would be surprised that their food servings are not that enough for your one meal. In Europe, they practice serving foods that are appropriate in your everyday intake. Yes, Europe is a health conscious country and that is a good thing. Lesser cost for your health maintenance as well. 
  2. Wide variety of foods. Europeans keep up in a broader variety of food. This diversity is due to the concentrated mix of cultures. Europe is a unique gathering of different tastes, styles of cooking, and ingredients. You can eat anything from the tastiest foods to the weirdest ones. 
  3. Sugar count. The pure flavor of each ingredient is more important than just making it sweet. Cake and cookies taste like vanilla and butter, chocolate tastes earthy, frosting tastes like cream, cheesecake tastes like cheese. Because in Europe, they do not overdo  with the sugar content, they base it to the exact amount it should have and should be tasted by the people. 
  4. Exact and proper way of dieting without saying it everyone. You can not see products with “low-fat” labeled on it because they eat real food. The ones not being processed. Dieting is never an issue in their culture like it is in the US. This will really challenge your ideas of health and nutrition. Especially since Europeans are less obese than Americans. There must be something they are doing better. Same with dieting, they do not restrict eating. There are lesser people in Europe who are into food restrictions, unlike other countries which most of them are in a diet. Gluten-free people must feel tortured by all the patisseries and bakeries everywhere. If you are a vegetarian and you are in Europe, it will be difficult for you to eat. Most of their foods has meat and fish in it. 
  5. Alcohol intake. Do not take Europeans as weak ones, most of their meals involves wines or beer. They have incorporated pre-meals and after meals with wines or beer. If you order water after, you are said to be the boring one who do not want to have any fun. Might as well, drink.

These are just a few of the changes that could easily back you out off Europe. But you need to keep up. It is not that hard, although it is very challenging. The things that you have been used will very much be changed.