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Blogger's Events

Markham Pilot Project

Blogger Events were very crucial in our early days at the Markham Pilot Project. It helped us to finetune our recipes to the millennial pallet, we thank everyone for their participation at our Blogger Events and the valuable feedback we received.

Today we have grown to the next level, this would have not been possible without the participation and feedback from these wonderful people. A BIG THANK YOU!

Your Feedback is Important to us!

Fusionbites is always open for your feedback positive or negative, please feel free to post your feedback on Social Media or send us an e Mail at [email protected]

Meals Evolution


2018 & 2019



Our Recent Work

FusionBites Story

FusionBites Story as featured at the  Whitby Artistic Food Expo on January 23 & 24, 2021